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Healthy relationships are two way

I read a recruiter post that said that recruiters remember when they are treated badly. We all remember when we are treated badly, yet how common that is for people to do.

I think there is a social cost for all the ghosting that happens. I personally get ghosted by probably 99% of recruiters who contact me. I don’t hold a grudge or not work with them again. I remember them and don’t expect anything from them. It is clear that ghosting is just people who can’t be bothered by the social graces of saying no thank you or you don’t fit what we need.

If other job seekers are like me, they probably get contacted each day by a different recruiter. They talk to them on the phone or through email, customize a resume for them, and then never hear from them again. Is there any other job we would think this is acceptable? How sad is it when we are treated better by minimum wage workers than by people who profess to be professional like a recruiter?

Now to be fair, I will point out that job seekers are not victims. Recruiters must deal with flakey, lying people who don’t keep their word. However as far as being a professional is considered, isn’t it the person who doesn’t take things personally more professional than the one who personalizes everything? We shouldn’t worry about people hurting our feelings because they do what they need to do, and our welfare is not their primary concern.

I have meet thousands of recruiters, and less than 5 I can think of who are warm, sincere and dedicated professionals. I am glad and grateful for their time. Other recruiters however act as though I am just a number, which from their point of view I am. It is their loss when that is their perception.

You can get the skills that employers want, but you can’t get the real character without taking the time to know someone more than a 15 minute conversation.

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