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Has technology made quality better?

It depends I suppose on how much you want to pay. If you spend less than $50 don’t expect much.

I went to a well known national pharmacy/drug store because it was the closest place that had a fan . It was really hot and the AC in our building wasn’t working. I paid $38 for a brand name starting with W that I had never heard before. I brought it home and assembled it and found it was mostly cheap plastic and made in China. Fast forward two weeks and while oscillating it starts to squeak like a mouse and stops oscillating. I brought it back in the store and the manager refunded my money to my card without an apology for wasting my time.

Now let me compare that with a metal fan that my grandmother had. It looked like this.

Vintage Fan Site

It lasted for over 50 years with a little bit of oil. I was always so impressed how long it lasted. Why can’t we make quality goods like this anymore? Does our culture ruin any chance for quality? I don’t want an iPad, I want an iMeaningful life. Can you tempt me into that Mr. Jobs?

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