Happiness is a chair and a bed

Bed Humor

People often ask what happiness is. Happiness is the minimum you need to feel that life is worthwhile. For me, that is a chair and a bed.

Last week I got the Purple mattress delivered and that was a struggle to get it into the apartment. It is not a one-person job but somehow I did it. It was more luck than anything. Yesterday I got my comfy chair and I am so thrilled.

Bed Humor
bed humor

Why am I writing this? To say that finding joy in simple pleasures makes life easier. I used to work around wealthy people who had the best of everything and they still weren’t happy. No matter how much they spent, there was always something nicer that they could buy. It weighed on them, that they might be missing something. We all have FOMO but the difference of being broke is that you know you can’t afford to buy new stuff. Rich people don’t have that limitation so they buy stuff all the time.

What else makes you happy is helping others to be happy. I was just told that I made someone the happiest woman on the earth. This isn’t to brag, but imagine the pleasure you feel when you know your life is improving the lives of others. When I was a kid I learned how being generous, kind and sweet made a real difference in others lives. I learned that this is my superpower. That I can make others lives better, and it doesn’t cost money it just costs the thoughtfulness to do it.

For example, I was told as a child that I would give the shirt off my back to others. This is not to glorify me but to say that even at a young age, I realized the power of giving. How have some people become so cold that they don’t care about the well-being of others? When we don’t care about others, we make poor decisions that not only hurt others but ourselves. For example, the more narcissistic someone is the more they are associated with the dark triad. Those are not pro-social things, and only hurt others and themselves.

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People are free to hurt themselves to a point, but not others. Sadly as a society instead of valuing mental health and prosocial motivations, we do anything for a dollar. It is sad and it is sick, and I don’t want any part of it. I just want a chair and a bed and to live in a way that does the least harm to others.