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Handling public criticism

I had one manager who liked to publicly criticize me and other staff members. Rather than ask in private why a decision was made, he replied to the entire group. I asked for this behavior to change, but I was ignored.

One time he asked why I made a particular decision and said that someone else would look into the problem. It turned out that I was doing my job and already looked into the problem and the solution was exactly as I had said. A vendor made a mistake and that is what caused the problem. They admitted it was their human error. This is a black and white case. My call got them to fix the problem, and the employees said it started to work again.

Yet instead of trust me to do my job, he replied to the group that someone else would look into it. Why would I have responsibility to handle the issues if I am not trusted to do it? When you say something like this, you make the employee feel as though they can’t handle the problem and what is the point of responding to any further issues?

The bottom line is that you either trust your people or you don’t. If you don’t trust them, they let them go. If you feel you have to micromanage everything they do, that isn’t good for anyone. It is a waste of management time, and it is a waste of employee time.

Many times managers have a hard time letting things go. They think that they can do everything better. Yes they may have more experience in some things, but part of being a leader is helping people become better. You can guide and suggest, but ultimately the employee has to learn it on their own.

Trust is crucial. If you don’t have your bosses trust, you should look for another job.

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