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Going to work when you are sick

If you have ever had a short term medical issue you know that sometimes you can use all your sick days at work. So sometimes I have had to go to work when I am sick.

Last year I got Shingles. It was something that happens if you get smallpox as a child. I had used all my sick days, and had to start taking unpaid days at home since I could not drive to work. I even went to work when I was sick and healing at the end when my doctor said I wasn’t contagious. At the beginning you are contagious when you have Shingles, but I immediately knew there was a problem and so I didn’t affect anyone at work.

Why would I go to work when I was sick? Well for several reasons. There was things that needed to be done that frankly only I could do. Also the perception of being a team player is crucial. If your boss feels you are not pulling your weight, even when you are sick, it is not a good situation. Finally it is boring to be sick, and I enjoy working so I want to do something.

Why am I writing this? Today I am sick again and I barely was able to make it to work. I don’t feel good, but since my desk is away from others desks I probably won’t get anyone sick. I have a meeting this afternoon, and if I call out the boss might feel I am not doing my part. Unfortunately I live with someone who gets sick because it is normal for someone in that profession to be around lots of people. You take the helpful with the unhelpful.

I am going to be treated by my doctor during lunch hour so I hope I will feel better then. If not, I might leave early today. I shouldn’t be here but sometimes you do things just to pacify other people. It is hard to know where to draw the line between your health and bosses perception of you. It is sad, but if you are sick you are considered not a good employee at every place I have worked at.

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