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GoDaddy vs BlueHost vs FatCow – Battle of WordPress hosts

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I should start by explaining that I had been a Godaddy customer for 2 years. Finally after trying too many plugins that weren’t GoDaddy compatible, and questionable business practices I moved to the highly rated BlueHost. That was even worse than GoDaddy.

I learned that BlueHost and HostGator( both owned by the same company) do something called CPU throttling. This means that if your plugins or site causes too much CPU time they will limit the time you get to spend using their CPU. Well, in the first day I had BlueHost they limited me for 5 hours out of a 24 hour day. That meant that someone going to my site got no response, or a very slow one. That was unacceptable to me.

So after more research and calls to companies suspected of CPU throttling I made a decision. This practice seems to be almost 100% of companies who charge less than $10 a month for hosting. As far as performance goes, GoDaddy was better than BlueHost. However GoDaddy was a pain to use, and they charge for things that competitors like NameCheap DNS registration gives away for free.

So I was thrilled to find FatCow and when talking with them they said they don’t do CPU throttling. So this site should be much faster than you have experienced in the past. If it is not, please let me know and be specific please so I can let them know.

P.S. It may be too soon to conclude anything. Since moving to FatCow I am having a problem with slow response times. I may have to cut down the number of plugins on the site. I really enjoy plugins and what they offer. I will update this based on what happens in the next 24 hours.

More importantly is that VaultPress has proven itself to be very useful and totally worth the $40 a month. I can’t wait to move up their next service tier once I get more advertisers.

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