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Giving rewards increases vaccination rates

I once asked a doctor if the in-house gym attendance could be increased by giving a reward for using it. He said to me “I don’t believe in rewarding people for something they should do.” This is an archaic way of thinking.

If you read at this link for Vaccination you will learn that small incentives increase the vaccination rates. I am glad that there are free donuts. People do respond to this and are doing their vaccinations because of this. Anything that helps encourage vaccination should be done.

Wouldn’t it be in everyone’s best interest to encourage their customers to vaccinate? Couldn’t banks offer something like a car payment, a free haircut or anything that people need? Certainly, a living customer is better than a dead one? Of course, most companies won’t do this. Mostly because they don’t believe in a long-term relationship.

What is the cost to society when we think always in the short term? It means that the problems that rather than fully solve a problem, we band-aid it and then kick it down the road for further generations to deal with. We have done this for decades on so many social issues: racism, poverty, drug problems, education. We say that we want a free and equal society, but really all we want is to get rich and to hell with everyone else.

I don’t agree with this kind of thinking. Society can’t exist when all parts don’t have a chance to grow and become. Roman society had slaves and just like the modern US, they will revolt when we continue to treat them badly. Rome only passed laws to improve the slave’s lives when they revolted and posed a danger to Rome. Rome eventually lost its power partly because of the inequality in their society.

We need health, education, job security and opportunity for all. If donuts help us get there, I am all for it.

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