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The gift that Bob Ross gave me

Isn’t it strange that sometimes when you think of something in life, it appears? I was talking about Bob Ross with a customer last week and guess what appeared today on Netflix? Bob Ross!

I was a kid when I first watched Bob Ross on the TV. I happened to be skipping past channels and I was just amazed when I heard this calming voice. I turned the channel back and started to watch his show for the first time. I don’t remember the specifics of the show, but I remember how it made me feel, and from then on I would add PBS to my list of stations to monitor. Study shows making art reduces stress.

The gift that Bob Ross gave me was the gift of enjoying the moment. It didn’t matter if what he created wasn’t considered art by the art establishment. It didn’t matter that it was to promote his company and brand. As a kid I didn’t care about any of those things. What did matter is that he spoke to me as a person, and I trusted the fun process that I saw him do.

I can’t say that my interest in art was increased or decreased by watching his show. I always liked art, and did art often. I liked the fact that the creation of art was something to enjoy, and ultimately we have to live our life in the moment. While I have had people appreciate my art and tell me I should be an artist, to me art was about the process. It was fun bringing something from your imagination into reality.

There are so many things that I want to share about people like this. Just like Mr. Rodgers, he spoke about accepting and being happy with what you do in your life. Rather than criticize as people tend to do, they supported your imagination and ideas, and seemed to value you as a person. I sometimes feel bad for kids growing up now. Even though they have wonderful technology I never had, they never had the experience of growing up with the culture of acceptance I did. I was accepted by people like Mr. Rodgers/he and so many others on TV that didn’t try to overpower you with entertainment, but rather nurture your inner self.

I am not saying that my generation is better than any other generation. Every generation has its advantages and disadvantages. I think ultimately when you appreciate and focus on the positive influences in your life, you are happier. This at least has been true in my life.

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