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Found a solar panel that charges without direct sunlight on it

I found it everyone! A solar panel that charges without direct sunlight on it. It is called the Merlin solar panel.

I bought it from the company in the link above, but I am not an affiliate and get no benefit from sharing this. I just want to share what might help others.

I was so excited when I plugged it in and it started producing solar power on an overcast day and during a time that my normal 120W panel never produced solar power. I have a friend who has as even more shaded location and if this works then I will buy the biggest one they have.

How shaded can it be to work? Take an average overcast/cloudy day. You don’t see direct sunlight but it is bright enough otherwise. As soon as I plugged it in it started working. Normally my other panel only gets working when there is direct sun and a sunny day. With this, I can produce power more often even if it is slightly less watts.

Right now for example it has been working for about an hour, when the other panel I had didn’t work at all in these conditions. It wouldn’t work for another half hour, so it is clear to me that this panel is different and better. Part of that is the way the panel was made, and part of that is that the total size is smaller so it must be more efficient per cell.

Now that I have this, I will continue to test for a few more weeks and see if this was a fluke or sustainable. If this continues, then I will have found my solution for my partly cloudy issue and continue to research panels that work well in low light for my friend.

I am so excited to see this work. It has taken a bit of effort but it has finally paid off. The panel costs about $300 for 100W which seems high until you realize that because it can absorb low light better, it will produce more than my 120W panel that requires full direct sunlight. I have no doubt it will charge my battery fully today since the light is going to be like this for the next few hours.

The other cost to this was about $100 for a Anderson SB50 to MC4 adapter and a MC4 adapter to 5.5mm dc plug. This plug is how my Beaudens generator accepts solar input.  In total it was about $400 which is totally worth it. I will be able to increase my light production which will improve my stored solar power. Solar power is cool isn’t it?

Update: I found out from the company in the link above that at the time of order you can specify the connector that you need to plugin into. So you won’t have to spend the money to find an adapter and wait 3 weeks like I did. This is fantastic. When I order my next panel I will get another MC4 adapter. Those are really snug and nice.

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