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Food prices are crazy, aren’t they?

I am eating less expensive things because it just doesn’t make sense to eat nicer things. I don’t need them and luxuries all the time become a standard and boring.

Reading online I have seen food budgets double or triple for most families. This is alarming and no doubt is also pushing people into food scarcity. Can you imagine that in 2022 we have a food scarcity problem?

Of course, food isn’t scarce just a society is scarce that values life over profit. What has become of us? There is nothing wrong with making a profit but when it comes at the cost of the necessities of life, something is wrong here. When the slaves were treated badly in Rome they rose up. We see this with the rise in unions. It seems that people only understand death and violence.

Why is this? Why do people have to die for things to change? I volunteered at food kitchens in good economic times and people were living on the edge of society. A minimum wage job can’t even buy food now. If minimum wage can’t buy food or shelter, what is it for? I can’t imagine anyone can survive with less than $20 an hour in rural areas and $40 an hour in urban ones. If we kill people with indifference, who will do the job?

Isn’t this what we are seeing now? People can’t afford to eat, people can’t afford to have shelter, and people can’t afford to have a job? I have worked two jobs where I lost money doing them because the company didn’t pay me and wasn’t honest with my working conditions. Is our society just built on exploration? If it is I’d rather be a Ferengi because at least they don’t have wars. They may be exploited, but they aren’t killing each other.

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Just to sum up, not enough money for food, shelter, and companies that care about their employees. Who doesn’t want to work? Sounds like a manager doing their job doesn’t want to work.