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Fixing WordPress Site Health Update Error

Moving to a new web host has been very educational. Today I fixed the WordPress Site Health update error. In site health it was saying that WordPress didn’t have permission to automatically update it.

My last web hosting company disabled this feature. I didn’t ask them to do that but they must have experience that it might have hurt most customers so it was helpful to do. Here are the instructions they provided:

Auto Updates may be either good for some users, either harmful for others.
If your WordPress is the latest version, and all your plugins are new too, you can safely enable the Auto Update.
To do this, please, access your “file manager” on Cpanel, locate the file called “wp-config.php”, find the line
::: ‘WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE’, false
and update it to:

The wp-config.php is located in the /public-html directory of your website. You can edit it by right clicking on it and choosing edit. Then after you change false to true, you save the file. It immediately takes effect. As soon as I made this change the site health error disappeared. Now WordPress can immediately update itself.

I like this. I like that I won’t have to manually update WordPress and it will be easier to run my site. So far in moving to A2Hosting I have had it run faster, fixed long standing issues, made it easier by not requiring updates. This is really working out well for me. I am currently investigating a backup solution. They don’t do backups, but I haven’t had to use them in previous web hosting companies still its nice to have. You can do a manual backup but I want something that is automated.

One of the most wonderful things about WordPress is how it can be automated with plugins. There are so many useful plugins that save time and money. It is fun to explore what is possible with WordPress.

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