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Find Broken Youtube links on your WordPress site easily

Do you have youtube videos on your WordPress website and want to make sure they are all working? You might want to use a plugin called Broken Link Checker for Youtube.

I used that this weekend and found that I had 7 dead videos. It showed me the post and I deleted the post. Easy. Before using this plugin I would randomly surf my videos and then delete them manually.

This plugin is free. It advertises a more advanced plugin that allows you to make sure all types of videos are working correctly. I also have some Vimeo videos on my blog, but very few. If I wanted to I could spend $21 for this plugin and it would check those video types as well. Since I am not making a profit on this website I am not going to spend the money, but if it were a company website then I would suggest buying this plugin.

One of the nice things about WordPress plugins is there is often a free version and a paid version that does more. I have paid for plugins in the past and sometimes they were worth it. I have also paid for themes, so I am not against paying people for their work.

I don’t know how often I am going to use this plugin. Perhaps once a week might be a good thing to start with. If it doesn’t find broken videos one week, I might increase the number of weeks. At the very least I will use it once a month. The paid version does it automatically and in real time it says. It is called Video Link Checker. No I am not making a referral fee. Still not worth it to me but if you don’t want to be hassled it might be worth it to you.

There are websites that feature paid WordPress plugins and they have some neat plugins. I try to find free plugins and then if I absolutely can’t find something, I will go over to the paid plugins. Often the paid plugins are very similar to the free plugins.

I have also directly contacted plugin authors and offered them money to update plugins that are free but useful. They haven’t taken me up on my requests but I ask anyway. Just contacting them seems to get an update out weeks later.

Don’t be afraid to spend some time searching for plugins. I am a bit of a plugin addict, but its fun to try new things.

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