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Everyone is anxious

It used to be before Covid, that only some people were anxious. Now everyone is anxious. Why?

The obvious answer would be Covid. However Covid happened, and is happening now because of division. Division caused by ignorance, miseducation, and willful choice. Why did these happen?

These happened because it has always been easier to be part of a group and shut off your critical thinking because you want to believe that things are simple. When I was a child, this was how I was taught about religion. Religion didn’t have the answers, and itself caused even more questions.

Going back to the main topic, how can we heal peoples anxiety? When we look at the world we have lots to be anxious about. If we don’t die from Covid, we can choose: climate change, starvation, war, lack of water or other resource issues. More fundamentally we are insecure because our technology seems to threaten the very idea of humans needed for work, and so people feel uncomfortable with that. Everyday in IT I deal with people who are afraid that automation will take away their job. Yes automation will take away jobs, but I don’t see that as a bad thing.

I am not here to debate the future of IT. What I am looking for is a realization that our fears which are plenty are all our own doing. Collectively we have rewarded people who put profit ahead of human respect and sustainable values. Values that will sustain our civilization over time. We operate from a caveman mentality. We take from the land, and rarely stop to consider how we can sustainably exist. Even now plenty of people don’t see the value of sustainability, even while climate change negatively impacts our planet.

It is always easy to dwell on things that are painful and cause anxiety. Everyday we have to make a choice to work on those issues that we can improve, and accept that things are not as we would like. As much as I hate the cold and cruel nature of the world, I can’t change it. I can only do my part to be kind and respectful to those who I can help and go from there.