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Every realize that your spending was a mistake?

I came to the conclusion that buying cars was a mistake, and so now the only car I want in the future is an RV.

Isn’t it interesting that often we want things that we think will make us happy? I think in the United States we have taken the concept of need and twisted it. Now everyone needs an iPhone. I don’t need an iPhone. In fact I was very resistant to buying one when they first came out. However since I work in IT, companies started to pivot from Blackberry to iPhone so I needed one so that I could support others who had it.

However if I was not in IT then I would not have an iPhone. It is clear that as beautiful as Apple devices are, they are a luxury that strictly aren’t necessary. For me, I struggle to justify buying each new Apple laptop I have bought. I have shared before that I am using a 8 year old laptop and it shows its age and has a broken keyboard, but it works well enough for me.

Yes I realize that I probably sound like Mr. Cheapskate to some of you. The purpose of me sharing this is to share that the money I have spent in my life didn’t make me happy and I was in error thinking it would make me happy.

I thought in the past that the technology and safety in newer cars would make me happy. I bought lots of cars in the past and while it was interesting, it wasn’t necessary. I could have purchased cheaper cars and been safe and invested that money in other ways.

Part of this comes from watching the CheapRV channel on youtube. I see over and over people who say that living a life of minimalism and travel they are happier than they were in the past. I must admit that my curiosity finds this lifestyle very appealing. So I look back on my life and see what I have spent and ask myself, did these things make me happy and the majority of the time they did not.

In the first world we struggle with abundance. We can’t focus our lives because we have too much abundance. We become slaves of Iphones, cars and so on because we don’t stop and consider what the point of it all is. Do we work just to maintain a lifestyle that doesn’t bring us happiness? Or rather should we work to find a balance that leads us towards greater joy and happiness each day?

For me, freedom is not just to spend, but also to not spend.

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