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Ever had a video interview with no interviewer?

I did and it was interesting.

What happens is that they test your computer to see if it can do it and then they start with an introduction video that explains what is going to happen. You get some questions with 20 seconds to think before you answer, and then they record your answer.

There were some pros/cons about it for me. I liked the fact that you could focus on the questions rather than trying to please the personality of the interviewer. It is unfortunate but your personal likability is a large factor for most interviewers. I didn’t enjoy not being able to ask questions. It didn’t feel like a two way process to me. To me how you start a relationship sets the tone of the relationship.

I am curious to see what happens next. The video made it clear they had a more through process than what I was used to. Great. I understand the need to find the right match. I wonder if this is the future of recruiting? We have clips of ourselves answering questions so we don’t waste time with analog interviews.

What would have made this amazing is having a company rep available during the process if there were problems. There might be technical problems that not everyone can solve. Just knowing that someone from the company was there if we needed help in some way is a nice gesture. I wouldn’t have used it, but some people might need it.

I hope that as companies transition to this video format it isn’t used like an ATS to screen out people that they have unconscious bias with. I can see why a company would want to do this. They save time, but I wonder at what cost to people who might not like the process?

I did my best, now it is time to let the cards fall where they may.

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