Encourgaging each other

Encourgaging each other

I had a kind soul encourage me today on LinkedIn and I realized how important we all try to encourage each other is.

One of my personal rules is to encourage at least 1 person per day. I find that listening and sharing with others helps bring perspective in my own life. For example, the last few days I have had dreams that were unpleasant due to the stress in the world in general. When I wake up I remind myself that I have so many things to be thankful for.

I am not telling you what you should do in your life, but when I feel afraid or small I think of all the wonderful things I am. This is not to sound arrogant but rather be realistic. I am smart, I have experience, I can be flexible and adjust. I may not have exactly what I want in my life right now in terms of security, control, recognition but that is ok. I don’t need much to be happy.

In all times in life we have to choose between giving into fear and being as realistic as possible. It is not easy to be positive when you feel so many things are out of your control. The fact is that for my life and others, the majority of our lives are out of our control. I am not acting like a victim just being realistic. Studies show that where people are born is a large determination of their future success in life. Luck has more to play that we realize.

Of course we can work hard and buck the odds and get lucky, but essentially many people succeed by luck. Celebrities often say that they were lucky to have the success they do. Most wealth is intergenerational and not due to the skill or business understanding of the owner.

Is the point of this to blame others and claim that luck is the key in life? No. It is simply to say that gratitude and encouraging others is probably the most helpful thing we can do in times of stress. It is what I am doing and I encourage you to do as well.

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