I have worked for three employers who were concerned about my health more than just providing health insurance. I never had other companies be so through.

The first company surprised me the first day I showed up. They said that all new employees have to get vaccinated for Pertussis. I had never heard of it before but I’m not going to turn down a free vaccination. I probably was vaccinated for this as a kid but in the past when I tried to reach out to my doctors office they said they don’t keep records over 20 years old. So in some cases I have been vaccinated more than once for the same thing.

The doctor also checked me out generally which is fine and a little strange. I didn’t feel sick so the company was very careful in its culture. I found out later that the company founders had a son that had sickle-cell anemia and so they were probably well sensitized to contagious diseases.

The second company was one in which I was told that I would need to get vaccinated and be up to date in my vaccinations. I have no problem showing my MMR certificate but the other vaccination records aren’t available to me. I will offer to be revaccinated if that makes them feel better then I will get that certificate to hold onto. I am all for modern medicine if that gets me a job.

A third company only seemed concerned with my health if I wanted to use the gym. They said the on staff doctor had to certify that someone was healthy enough to use the gym. I didn’t mind this requirement so I saw this doctor as well. He gave me an EKG to check that my heart was healthy. I was healthy and he checked some other stuff as well. I decided not to use the gym because it was dirty after he allowed me in the gym area after my test.

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I don’t mind sharing my health information with companies but I understand that many people would not feel comfortable being asked to do these things. Honestly with the lack of data protection that most companies have I am more concerned about my financial information being available to criminals. That is part of the reason why as an IT person I take special interest in security. Anything to reduce crime in a legal way I am for.