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Elephant caught on CCTV cleaning up the trash

Isn’t this remarkable? At the 26 second mark this elephant picks up trash and throws it away. Elephants are so intelligent aren’t they?

I am sharing this partly because I love the fact that elephants recognize things that are out of place like we do. Clearly this elephant has seen this behavior. Wouldn’t it be wild if elephants “cleaned ¬†up” in the wild? Its hard to imagine them doing that but who knows? We don’t know many things about the world so many things are possible which we don’t believe. For example, we didn’t used to know that elephants mourned their dead.

What made me share this video is that often it really bothers me when I see others litter. It just makes me feel so sad that people care so little about sustainability that they act in such short term ways. Of course part of this is ignorance. People think that we have unlimited resources and given the fact that you have money, it does appear so. It is unfortunate that those who are least able to help themselves suffer by the faults of those who are more lucky. Its quite remarkable isn’t it? Some of us are born into having a good life, while others die because of a lack of water or food. It is humbling everyday to exist, when life is so fragile.

How can I say life is fragile when record numbers of people are being born? The more you learn, the more fragile you see life is. So many things could happen that could ruin life, and yet how unprepared we are for them. It is remarkable isn’t it how much money we devote to things that are nice but not essential, while the essential things get the scraps of what is left over. For example, yesterday was an article that due to low pay and other factors fewer cooks than ever were choosing the profession. As if having healthy food isn’t important. Or that social workers are decreasing due to lack of support in them getting education. What kind of society chooses to underpay people who contribute to healthy behavior, yet give millions to companies and celebrities who demonstrate self-destructive behavior? For example, I don’t understand the appeal of reality TV. Most of the situations on reality TV that I hear people talk about are so irresponsible and childish that you wonder why they don’t encourage these people to have therapy instead. Irrational people may make good TV but they are lousy role models.

TV is whatever sells right? As a society can’t we want something that inspires and informs us as well? Can’t we have a choice of quality rather than the garbage the entertainment industry tries to foist upon us? Is this asking too much?

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