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Dreaming of equality

I am in ancient Egypt and apparently married to Cleopatra. She turns to me and says “This is a woman’s world and you are my husband.”

I respond to her “I am a man and we deserve the same rights as women.”

She laughs and says “That is so cute. Don’t worry I will protect you my husband.”

I was really frustrated and felt how unfair the situation is. Doesn’t she care that I don’t have the same rights that she did? I sat down and mulled over my situation.

I woke up this morning with this dream in my head. I have tried to let it go but I can’t. I think I had this dream for several reasons.

I see our society as less equal than ever. Not only to women, but to other people who struggle to have a voice. I love the 8th habit of Steven Covey where he says it is our duty to “Find our voice and help others find their voice”. When everyone feels respected who obeys the law, then we can have a better and healthier society.

To me equality seems so obvious. Yes life is unfair, but the goal must be to strive to make it more fair to everyone. If we gave up on working towards rights, we wouldn’t enjoy the kind of world that we enjoy now. It has been through all peoples efforts, women and men that we have gotten to this level of development.

I have often worked in companies with minorities, and worked in minority owned companies. At times I have been the minority being a white guy. If you have never been a minority it is a unique experience. You get asked questions on behalf of your race that you can’t possibility answer. You appreciate how minorities must feel even if you only get a small taste of it.

Being a minority is tough in this world. We all have to do our part so others have a voice.

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