I get it, it is easy and natural to assume things. The more you can avoid assumptions the easier your life will be.

Everyday I challenge the things that I think that I believe. I want to get to the truth in life, and I am constantly learning about information and ideas that I thought were true. The last thing that I learned that I was wrong about is that China lies more than I thought they already did.

I watched a documentary and was shocked at how early they knew about Covid. If they had been honest and legally reported it as WHO mandated them to, the virus would have looked different. It might have even been contained to China. The failure of them to acknowledge reality, has caused the entire world to suffer.

What seems easy for us to think about and natural for us to believe is often because we are ignorant. When we look at the facts about something, rarely are we so sure about our beliefs. Why the picture of Captain Janeway? She always questioned assumptions and found another option in a challenging situation. I think that no other captain could have done what she did. To me even with her uneven writing as a character she was the best star trek captain there is.

Its ok to be tired of challenging assumptions. It is hard work to gather facts, think about things and try to give a good option. One of the things I have always enjoyed where I work is to challenge assumptions and try to find a better way. Often people assume too much when they know almost nothing. If you can show them with small wins that you can be trusted, they will take a chance with a larger project.

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Challenge away my friends.