All you can do in life is your best and let the cards fall where they may. It has been the best thing to let go of the need for things to go “my way”.

Too often we think our happiness is dependent on things going the way we hope. Often what we hope is limited by our own understanding and experience. I have shared many times before where I didn’t get what I wanted, and it turned out for the best. In fact, many things that I thought I really wanted in life I didn’t want, and happier for not getting them.

This is not me saying “Oh I didn’t get x let me justify why that is ok.” No. This is at the onset of something recognizing that not getting it will be ok too. It takes wisdom to recognize that our limited perceptions are not reality, and that life can work out better than we can imagine.

One of the surprising things in my life is that the most painful periods of my life have been the times where I have grown the most. I don’t like or welcome pain, but it often is a sign that something needs to change. I welcome change because it generally improves things. I don’t understand why people don’t like change, but can appreciate their point of view.

Every day as long as you do your best, you can rest assured that you have contributed all you can in life. Thats all anyone can ask of us.

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