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Cornovirus doctor suggests 24 day incubation wait

It turns out that the 14 day incubation wait may be too short. A Chinese doctor suggests that it might show up after 24 days.

This is not to alarm or cause fear. I am just sharing what I am learning about it. If I had someone who was close to me or traveling I would want them to know this information to be safe.

What is also surprising is that currently other health officials are still using the 14 day incubation wait to screen people. This could mean that there are more carriers than is widely understood. I wonder why this information isn’t more widespread? Isn’t the purpose of containment to have the most up to date information for health professionals?

I have a N95 mask that is part of my emergency supplies and I have had it for years. I don’t know when there is going to be a problem but I like to be prepared. You can buy them in one use or multiple use options. You can wash them and use them for a long time if you are willing to spend $10 compared to a dollar. That is worth it in my opinion.

Now to me, traveling at this point seems unwise. I can understand that if there is a true emergency you must travel. However I can’t imagine what could be more important than protecting you and others health. It seems to me more than a little irresponsible to be traveling and be an agent for this disease to spread.

I would never tell anyone what they should do with their life. It concerns me that people try to save themselves, and not consider the risk they pose to others. For example, the cruise ship passenger who tried to come to the US and charter a plane found out that she and her husband had the disease. She said “I was so sure I was ok.” Now, if you are not a doctor you should not pretend to be able to diagnose disease. If her incubation period has been longer, she might have returned and infected others. Is the risk of hurting others really so unimportant to you? Don’t you say that you love the people around you? Why put them at risk?

I forgive people who are selfish and hope that this issue can help others be more aware of how their decisions affect others.

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