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Considering stopping playing online multi-player games

I don’t know if its just me, but online multi-player games are not as fun as they used to be.

I wrote before that online games work best when you play them infrequently. The more frequently you play them, the more the company thinks it has your loyalty so the less they give you. I learned that after not playing an online game for 3 months. I was stuck on that game because I couldn’t progress without winning a boss, but I was to weak to win the boss because of the bad mechanics of that game. When I returned I not only won the boss easily but got a ton of upgrades for my character.

Now I have mentioned another game that I like to play called SuperMechs and I am thinking of stopping playing that as well. Why? There are more people who are jerks than who are nice. It is no fun to play a game where you have people who are mean and insulting. I could be the worst player in the world, but calling me names doesn’t make me want to engage with you.

I realize that they do that to make it painful so that you quit and they win. I don’t play that game. I don’t play the emotional manipulation game. If someone wants to be a jerk that is on them, not on me.

Still it is no fun to play a game where you have such emotionally damaged people playing it. All of the online games I have played have this issue. Even when I turn the sound off, I read stupid things in the chat window that they force you to see. I stopped playing that game. I don’t need to read the trash people talk about. Or you have people who just try to slow down your ability to play the game by doing things that cause problems.

I might go back to playing single-user games and games with people in my same household. I think that is the most fun way to play games. When they develop an online jerk filter I might return.


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