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Computers in the summer

Computers don’t like to be hot. They like to be comfortable like you do.

I see people who often try to use computers in full sunlight. Of course they slow down, use more power and the fans come on. iPads would actually show a message on the screen like “This iPad is too hot to continue working” and shut down.

Computers in the summerWhat is amazing is that modern manufacturing techniques have taken a lot of the heat out of laptops. It used to be just a few years ago that the bottom of laptops could burn you. Now some laptops never get hot and are very comfortable and light to use.

Still, most people have older laptops and they need to keep their laptops cool. Ideally laptops are happiest in the low 70’s. Anything higher than that causes the fans to come on. I have actually used laptops in a room that was in the 60’s and the fan never came on. Most people don’t cool to that level, but businesses often have that temp in their server rooms.

The humidity also makes a difference. I have noticed that when windows sweat due to the humidity, the computer screen can sweat as well. Of course water is dangerous to get inside a computer, so you should wipe off your screen if you notice it is wet.

The other part of keeping your computer safe during summer is that you should never place it on a hot surface. It is tempting to put it on a chair or table that might be hot from the sun. The metal case easily sucks that heat up. It is best to use a laptop in the shade and it helps with the screen contrast as well.

Of course this is common sense, but it helps just to share in the hopes it might benefit someone. Have fun this summer and stay cool!

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