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Closed all the Apple rings yesterday!

warm up comic

I closed all of the Apple Activity rings yesterday. I felt great about myself.

Since I have gotten this watch it has been a game to see if I could complete the rings each day. I always closed the stand ring, that is easy. Normally I would also close the movement ring. What was a challenge was the exercise ring. Yesterday I closed it.

How? I walked around the neighborhood for 20 minutes and climbed 5 flights of stairs to go to the roof. Why didn’t I take the elevator? Mostly because the elevator is out of order and I don’t mind climbing stairs. I used to have a job that was in a multistory building and I loved going up and down the stairs. There was never anyone using them, unlike the elevator which was always in use. I don’t understand why more people don’t use stairs.

Today I will probably need to go on a 30-minute walk to shake things up and be different. Why do I care about exercising? It is the missing piece to working from home. I don’t feel good unless I move, and even though I like to dance at home and exercise getting fresh air is nice. I think that once you have a dog and go for daily walks, you kind of miss that activity in the future.

Since I don’t have a dog to walk I will have to walk myself. I have noticed my friendly neighbor has a dog which is nice for him. After having dogs now is not the right time for another one. If I got a condo or a more permanent place, I would consider it.

I am happy where I am at and life is good. Exercising always improves my mood and vitality. Give it a try and you may find it more rewarding than watching TV.

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