Charge your headphones once a week with Sennheiser Acccentum

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I just love my new headphones/mic. I only have to charge them once a week and it reduces my stress because I forgot to charge them and have a meeting.

Why am I sharing this with you? It is easy to forget to charge your headphones. I have done that in the past and it’s very frustrating when you have a meeting and your headset isn’t charged. I had to switch my sound sources in Windows all the time because of this and because of putting sound out to the projector as well. One of Window’s weaknesses is how it deals with sound, so this was a pain point for me.

Switching to Linux Mint has fixed this pain point. It handles sound wonderfully. It doesn’t have any issues switching the sound and for the most part, it works automatically. I turn on the headphones and they say they are connected and then I hear the sound. In Windows, it was hit or miss. It wasn’t because of the headphones either. It was because when you use different sound outputs/sources Windows doesn’t handle that well. Windows would sometimes say that I was using a sound source/output and it wasn’t using that at all. Then it would mean that I would join meetings/zooms and I wouldn’t be heard or couldn’t hear. Most of the time using Windows 11 I couldn’t be heard. The mic always seems to be the biggest problem.

Now I have had both teams/zoom meetings and I feel confident that the sound input/output was working correctly. No longer was I stressed that they weren’t switched correctly. I had to manually confirm the sound settings before every meeting and I have to tell you that sucks. An operating system is supposed to help you, but Windows does the opposite of helping regarding sound handling. This is one of the reasons that I liked the Mac. The sound just mostly automatically worked. Even with adapters, the Mac found a sound input that it wasn’t designed for and worked. I thought that was amazing.

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No, I am not trying to sell these headphones they are just my favorite so far. I wear them almost all day and it helps me to focus on training content and the other things that I listen to. They block 100% of the construction noise happening in my apartment and I am so grateful for them.