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Charge your devices with a small solar panel on overcast days

I wrote before about the Merlin panel that charged your devices on overcast days. It turns out that there is another solar panel that can also charge on overcast days it is called the GoPad 8W panel.

This is not marked to work on overcast days but it working great. As soon as I plugged it in, it started to charge my solar lights. This was a pleasant surprise. I wonder if this is because of the CIGS technology that it uses?

So now I have two panels that can charge on cloudy days. It is so light that I am able to just tuck it under the window screen and it stays there. For more cloudy days I will need to come up with a better solution. Probably would help if this had grommets in it, and perhaps there is some way I can add grommets externally with some glue or something.

To charge solar lights this is a perfect addition. It has a simple one usb interface so you don’t have to get fancy. This is a usb2 or normal USB that most people are familiar with. You can roll it up but I am not going to roll mine up. I am going to use it charge everything that I can. The next test will be an iPad.

Isn’t it amazing that solar panels don’t need direct light to charge? There is not one bit of direct sunlight outside now. Direct sunlight is great for people who live in sunny places, but if you get a mix like we do in NYC having panels that can do both overcast and sunny is just wonderful.

Now all I need is a bigger solar battery than the sad 166WH of what I have currently. One step at a time.

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