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Caught in Providence wonderful show

When I feel sick or down watching Caught in Providence is inspiring and makes me feel better.

In this clip we see a woman who had been randomly shot come to court 2 days after being shot. Not only that but her attitude was amazing. What a great example she is.

What is amazing about this show is that just like WWYD all episodes are heartwarming and hopeful. There are so many things to feel good about this show.

First I had the experience when I was younger to be able to write a story about a judge in a small community. Just like Judge Caprio in this show, he cared about people and was so personable. I was nothing when I was a reporter, but he treated me with respect and kindness. It was a pleasure to write about him. I was sad when he died years later.

Second this show is funny. You really see some funny situations and really cute kids. It really makes you feel proud to know someone like the judge.

Third there was one situation that the judge misunderstood because he was misinformed. He was frustrated and angry with the person. When he was told there was a misunderstanding he changed his mind and helped the person once again. Honestly he had the right to be angry/frustrated and the fact that he was kind once again was amazing to me.

Fourth when you see the lives of people you realize how wonderful your own life is. Even when you are feeling sick you can still feel grateful that your life isn’t has hard as the people you are watching. Honestly it is remarkable how tough some peoples lives are.

Nothing makes you feel happy with your own life like the realization that it could be worse.

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