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Are the alternatives to the Res-Q worth buying? LEOCH vs Bluetti AC200P vs Res-Q

Now there are some great alternatives to the Res-Q solar generator. Are they worth buying?

The first is the LEOCH that I shared yesterday. There are more reviews of it, and the short answer is that this isn’t better than the Res-Q. Here is why I think this.

  1. The LEOCH has a battery that is twice as big and the cost is around $1000. This makes it cheaper than the Res-Q. It is remarkable to have a battery this size and a great sign that LifePO4 prices are coming down slowly. I expect more competition in the future at this price point.
  2. However the build quality is a problem. Two reviewers broke various aspects of it. The way that it is constructed looks like you will likely break more of it in the future. In comparison the RES-Q is solid and you can move it around with less breakage the the LEOCH.
  3. I also don’t like the design and annoying waste of energy with the side light and loud sound. Those are flashy things that many people do not want. The company said you can turn this off, but it shows some questionable priorities in design. Rather than spend money on those things, they should have improved its design.
  4. With a two year warranty this is the same as the Res-Q and I have no doubt you will need it. It is too big of gamble with its poor quality.

I am thinking of buying another solar generator but it won’t be a LEOCH. Now there is another very interesting LifePO4 unit that costs $2000 and has 2kw of battery storage. That is the Bluetti AC200P. I like this unit and it has many things that favorability compare to the Res-Q.

  1. The 2kw battery is the same size as the LEOCH and twice the size of the Res-Q. If you are just looking for a LifePO4 battery solar generator then this is what you want. However at $2k the price is hard to accept.
  2. The build quality is less then the Res-Q. The Res-Q is fully metal and has a smaller interface for adapters. However the Res-Q doesn’t have wireless charging so if you have a modern smartphone this is a nice feature. This has more features then the Res-Q like more charging ports and adapters.
  3. The company that made the Res-Q also sells lithium batteries and has a history of electrical products. There is no doubt that they have the experience to support this product. They have a history and that gives you some peace of mind that a warranty will be honored.
  4. The Bluetti offers the ability to output the DC power to a fuse box or other external source. Having that flexibility is a wonderful option. If I had an RV/small home then I would choose the Bluetti easily.

Update: After users have had their units for a few months it has turned out that the reliability and customer support are a problem. I would avoid both of these products on the basis of poor reliability.

Merlin Solar folding panel survived Gale winds

The other day I was working and gale winds came up. I realized that because I was in a meeting and I noticed how strong the wind was blowing. Checking on a weather website it said gale forces were in effect. I couldn’t take the panel inside since the meeting was going on, so I just had to wait. It turned out ok.

I looked and the Merlin solar folding panel didn’t have any damage. I was relived but if it had broken that was ok I would just get a higher wattage one. You learn from experience and sometimes things happen. It had already paid for itself in electricity produced so I have no problem investing in another solar panel if I needed to.

You can see to the right the view from the top of my Merlin folding solar panel. It has been very durable. I have been impressed. I first bought cheaper folding solar panels but the materials were cheap and they didn’t create energy in low light conditions. Even with a partly cloudy day I can get solar power. That is so exciting to me!

Today it is partly cloudy and I know that if I put the panel out I could generate some energy. I don’t know that it is worth it to me. According to the weather on Sunday it will be a Sunny day and that will be a better use of putting the panel out. I am only 1 slice away from being completely full. I like being full, but I also try to weight the cost of having the panel out when it only generates a small amount of electricity. Increasingly I am not putting it out in windy weather even though it could make a little bit of energy. Windy weather tends to be on partly cloudy days like today, so it is a choice.

I am just sharing this because the cost of this panel is worth it for the durability. I am very pleased with this product. No I am not getting any benefit from saying this.