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Has solar power hanging outside my window made my room cold?

Has the solar panel that I have had hanging outside my window made my room cold? No.

If your concern about hanging a solar panel outside your window will make your room/house cold I can tell you it won’t. Just use the foam that I mentioned before and for extra protection I put a blanket at the bottom of the window. So even if a small amount of air gets through, it won’t go far.

In life if you want something you can find a way to get it. What I have learned is that it is our own lack of imagination and willingness to look silly that hold us back in life. I’ll give you an example.

I believed in the past that allergies couldn’t be healed. This is what science had taught me. Well science is a wonderful teacher but is is incomplete. There are things that science does not know, and we should be open-minded enough to try things that might increase new knowledge. I know that many of you will disagree with what I am about to say but that is ok. I don’t need to convince anyone. This isn’t about convincing anyone what is true, but rather that because I was open-minded now my life is better.

I went to a doctor who used NAET/NMT and who healed my allergies. I get no benefit from sharing this. Why am I sharing this? I was willing to spend money and gamble on an process/procedure that I wasn’t sure would work. If I was wrong I would lose my hard earned money. However if I was right, the quality of my life would increase. The result of this is that the quality of my life increased and now I am no longer allergic to the things that I used to be. I would have paid anything to not have those allergies, and I am so grateful and lucky that I found this treatment.

There are things in life that you have to take a chance on. Helping the environment with solar power and healing my allergies was worth the risk. Now I benefit from those decisions everyday.

Sunny days are exciting

I used to hate Sunny days. You would probably feel the same if you grew up in a hot desert like I did. Now they are exciting to me.

Why am I excited that it is sunny today? For several reasons. It is nice to see a bright day after many dark ones. It is nice for a change of pace. It is nice to be able to create solar power.

I looked at my solar panels and they are doing great. I am hopeful that I will be able to fill up my solar generator today. However if I can not, that is ok. You don’t need perfection to improve things.

Life is challenging right now for all of us. You have to try to find joy and happiness whenever you can. Yes there is a difficult reality for many people, but we can only do so much to help others. This has been a hard lesson for me to learn in life. I don’t understand why leaders who have the ability to help others instead make decisions that make people suffer. I wonder why people want to elect others that don’t care for the welfare of others.

This is not a political post, but rather an acknowledgement that I am not immune to reality. Reality however is also making the best of whatever situation you are in, and that is what I have always tried to do. It is not easy to be courageous when the easy thing would be to be sad or depressed. However those choices are not helpful and I don’t make that choice in life.

No matter what life will go on, and it is unfortunate that the choices people make lead to these consequences. Lessons are sometimes painful to learn in life, but life is very through in teaching its lessons.

Today is sunny and that is hope, and I live in hope. Do you?