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A big battery is a great solar energy experience

A big battery makes a great solar energy experience.

This past week there hasn’t been enough sun to put out my solar panel. I didn’t stress or worry though. I have enough stored up for my needs for several weeks. This is not to brag, but rather to say that solar panel works great when you invest in a larger battery than you think you may need.

Right now I have one of my solar generators at half power, and the smaller solar generator completely full. Since I don’t depend on solar at the moment for anything critical, it is not a big deal if I have some days where I don’t collect enough power. I am going slowly to ramp up and understand how much solar I can collect and what is reasonable to invest in. When my new solar battery comes in, I will start using it for my laptops that I use for work, and then it becomes more critical for me.

For the last week I haven’t had any issues charging up two iPhones, solar panel lights, iPad, cleaning tool and things like this. These don’t have to run all the time and are pretty energy efficient. I must admit that more energy efficient appliances are appealing to me since those are things that I can support if the power stops. I have moved away from the power sucking PS4/TV and can live without them. I would need far more solar panels than I could reasonably put outside the window so for me, there is a balance. Honestly after using the Playstation for 20 years I think I have had enough, and thats ok too.

If you get a battery in your solar power setup, you will be amazed at how you lived without it. Now when the power goes out I don’t sweat it. I know I will have plenty of power for my iPhone, fan, even internet router if I want. I will survive with no stress and it will be thanks to this solar power hobby.

Senior citizens who use solar generators

Senior citizens aren’t missing the boat with solar generators – they are buying them too.

I know this because in the reviews are people who say they are seniors and find them useful for many reasons. I will try to list all of the reasons that I have read about from reviews of solar generators.

  1. CPAP machines.  Rather than trust that their CPAP is going to work all night from the regular outlet, they buy a solar generator and use it as a battery in case the main electrical power fails. At night when they are sleeping if the power fails the solar generator goes to work and continues to provide power to their CPAP machine. They don’t get woken up and they can continue sleeping not realizing that the power may have gone out.
  2. Oxygen machines. Some oxygen machines also need power and have a battery for a short power outage. By connecting it to a solar generator they get even more battery life, and if that is connected to a solar panel they can survive indefinitely depending on sufficient solar panels.
  3. Fridge. Some medicines needs to be refrigerated and even a small cooler/freezer that I spoke about before can easily protect that fragile medicine. This use is a great emergency preparation for everyone. If I owned a house I would already own this.
  4. Known power outages. Some people live where the electricity is not stable. Or they might be concerned that their quality of life will suffer while those power outages occur. A big enough solar generator and battery and those issues will never happen again.

You don’t have to be young, an outdoor person or a crazy survivalist to get a solar generator. You can be an environmentalist or hate nature and just want to save money. I can’t imagine a scenario where a solar generator doesn’t come in handy.

Making solar power work for you is not only smart but easier than ever. I can’t understand anyone who isn’t excited by free energy. Yes it is free once you make an inital investment.