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Transitioning to completely Solar power

I am transiting to completely Solar power. One step at a time.

The first step is lighting. I had switched all of the bulbs in the past to led lights instead of the CFL bulbs that were there. That dramatically reduced the electrical bill. The LED bulbs for that cost about $50. Still the lights will last a very long time, and it became much brighter in my office so that was worthwhile.

I shared that I then bought a NowLight. This is a solar panel connected light that also allows you to charge it through USB and it can charge other USB devices itself. This has worked well. I use this at night for lighting. I still at times have to use the bathroom or kitchen light, but I am working on plans for those. I have another solar powered light coming in today that I might be able to place in those locations for light. If that works, I will share it with you and you might want to try it as well.

Now right now I have only 1 60W solar panel. I have a 120W solar panel coming in tomorrow. Based on the light available to me so far, it takes about 6 hours of cloudy weather to charge 25% of my Beaudens 166w unit. If it was a sunny day I could probably charge it in 16 hours or two days. I also did some calculations and read other peoples experience charging a 50amp battery. Since I have two 50 amp batteries, I have some measure of backup.

So clearly the power batteries I have are more than enough for lighting. Now I have to figure out how I want to handle my other electronic devices. I don’t think I want to invest the money it would take to power something like the fridge. That can consume 800 watts, which would mean that I would probably need to buy a 1500W generator since devices pull more current when they startup. It would make more sense to buy a smaller cooler fridge that I can run directly off the DC voltage and just store the most important things.

Right now the fridge is not a priority. I use two laptops and a big monitor and the wattage I need for that could easily be done by a 500W generator. Now the problem is will I be able to use my 60+120w device enough to charge that battery? I don’t think so. I think I need to buy another 120w solar panel, and another battery. I am basing this off of calculations and others experiences.

If I buy those things, then I think I can use this to power my equipment full time. That would be another $300. So far I have spent $600. Being able to generate solar power is something I have always wanted to do since I read about it as a child. To me, this is a privilege to be able to afford this and to support these companies that are helping people be energy independent.

I’m not ready to take the next step yet. I just need to do more research and be sure that this is the right step. However one day I will be completely off the grid and solar powered, and what a great feeling that will be.

What is legal is the worst form of ethics/morality

If you try to decide on the basis of what is legal, it is the worst form of ethics/morality.

Legality allowed things like slavery, discrimination, and so many harmful things that continue today. It allowed things like ignorance, hate and others to hurt people. It protected murderers while putting innocent people behind bars.

The laws protect guilty people and punish innocent people. Guilty people say they are innocent, and innocent people try to help the police and unwittingly look guilty. Watch the video on the right to not talk to the police.

I am not advocating breaking the law. I am simply stating that if the law is your only guide in your behavior, you may want to reconsider in how you make decisions.

As a matter of course, people who pushed society forward got arrested and broke some law. Many civil rights leaders were arrested dozens of times. What does an arrest mean when the rights they are fighting for are larger than themselves? No amount of arrests can stop an idea, and that is of equality of all people.

Online and in real life we see the hate of those who would try to deny equality. We see the horrific images of people beating protestors who are peacefully protesting. We see a government that is trying to limit the rights of speech it disagrees with. We see the country divided first by ignorance, and then by apathy, and finally by intellectual dishonesty and laziness.

We have the ignorance of what was fought for in world wars. We have the apathy of the voters who voted for someone who would deny human rights. We have the intellectuality dishonesty and laziness of media who enabled these conditions to happen.

We all are guilty here, and pointing at each other doesn’t help anyone. We all have a choice. That is, we can hold people accountable for their actions or not. I intend to hold people accountable for their actions. What do you plan to do?