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Charging the solar generator up from the wall

One thing I have learned in life that idealism needs to be balanced by practicality.

For example tonight there is going to be a major storm in NYC area. The weather said that due to strong winds a loss of power is possible. My solar generator is mostly full but I am going to charge it with the wall current so it will be completely full. Then if I lose power I am ready.

I have done this a few times before when there were storms or uncertain events. I never needed the power but I was prepared. At what point does preparation become too much? When it drives away your loved ones and consumes far more time than the risk it seeks to prevent.

Growing up I saw in magazines those bomb shelters that people built in the 50’s when they were afraid of nuclear war. How frightened they must have been. Every time in history has had frightening things happen. At what point do you invest that kind of capital to protect yourself? I am not sure I will ever have that kind of capital to invest in an emergency shelter. If I had money of course I would buy one but since I don’t I have to hope for the best.

The idealistic nature of positive people like myself says that things are often better than we perceive. The practical nature says that one screw up and the good times are gone. When I have prep I look at the data and the risks that research and studies say are likely to happen. I invest in the most likely risks and I am aware of the others. I think that most of us don’t have a good sense of risk including myself.

Does having a 1kw battery really help me? Yes/no. Yes it will provide me with lights and communication for a few days maybe a week if I don’t use the solar panel. No in that it could break and then I wouldn’t have anything. I have two solar generators and one solar panel. I should buy another panel to have the two of everything but I can’t afford that now. Would I be safer by having it? Sure, but I also need to have some money as emergency funds and that is in my opinion a higher priority right now than another solar panel. You have to think of the trade offs you make in life.

Intelligence is defined as the ability to adapt. Be flexible in life with standards and you will do ok.

Best Solar purchases from Amazon

No I do not get any benefit if you click on these links.

If money is no object, then buy a Bluetti AC200P with a 170W Merlins folding solar panel from the link above at Solar Advantage. If you are looking for reliability, the 170 Merlins and the Res-Q solar unit. If you want both features and reliability buy one of both with two Merlins 170 W solar panels. The 170 W solar panels retail about $700 which may seem pricey but it is not. As I said before only Merlins/GoPad 8 Watt can create PV power (electricity) when it is overcast. Other panels can not do this. I have tried many panels and even when they say they can, they require a minimum of light that is not what they promise.

I have spent over $3000 this year testing various products to see what works the best. I have tested most of the major players and given away the things that don’t work for me. Stay away from Powerfilm, cheap Chinese knock offs and anything that has a poor customer service experience. You will regret buying it. If you are serious about solar and own a home then look into professional panels either on the roof or on a pole in the ground. The payback for solar is only a few years and it increases the value of the home when selling. It is a no brainer to go with solar now.