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Solar lights need to be longer during winter

I had a solar light that ran for 7 hours at maximum brightness. That isn’t long enough as the days have gotten shorter. So I searched and looked for a replacement and it is arriving tomorrow. If it works, that will be another post.

It said it might last for 11 hours at maximum brightness. That would be longer than I need which is great. I wouldn’t have light anxiety that my light might go out while I am using it. I have a second light that I could use but I am lazy and don’t want to turn it on when the other goes off. Really a first world problem isn’t it?

Part of using solar power is that it can be as convenient as regular power. I have a friend who is willing to take my slightly used solar lights when I get these longer lasting ones. I am excited to see if they are reliable and worthwhile.

You don’t think of the length of time required during the winter when you buy things like this. I should have thought more when I bought my first solar led battery light. There are always things you don’t realize in life until they happen and then you look back and wonder why you didn’t think of it.

The lights that I originally bought cost $30 and I have saved the money in electricity by using them. I don’t think it is wasteful to buy things that save you money. My friend will save money using these lights, so I am ok with buying additional lights to get additional lighting. I have tried various things in regards to solar lighting and I am very happy with the current lights just not the amount of time they last.

There are always people who can use what we grow out of. Donating to others is a worthwhile thing to do as we do what we can to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Energy and water conservation

I have spoken many times before about energy conservation in regards to solar power. This week I had an unexpected gift that allowed me to address water conservation.

My shower head broke and I had to replace it. The new shower head is water efficient and saves much more water than the old one did. In addition it works great and it feels more luxurious. I didn’t think there was much I could do to conserve water but I was wrong. I try to use things until they break and then replace them with more efficient versions of things. I didn’t do that with the light bulbs however since the energy savings was so incredible by replacing them with LED’s.

Scientists and the military are concerned that the future will have resource shortages which will cause war. Food, water is projected to be at a deficit. To me, the responsible thing is to find ways to conserve as much as possible and to reduce resource usage. This means that as much as possible I try to live to reduce the waste that is created.

This is not always easy to do. For example I had the idea in the past that my future would be RV’ing but I see how that would be a huge waste of resources. I admit that I still like the idea but I have to wait until it can be done in a more efficient manner. Perhaps with advanced lighter materials and electrical and solar power it might be possible to RV sustainably. If I can’t RV then I will for sure live in a tiny home or apartment. I don’t need much to be happy. In life you learn that things can’t make you happy and instead you look for experiences that can bring new aspects into your existence.

To be kind to others is not just in quick things we do, but also in how we choose to live our lives. Choose wisely.