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Looking for a healthy mouthwash and toothpaste?

One of my hobbies is to try out health products. I often have tried mouthwashes and toothpaste and I have tried most of the ones available. If you are a supertaster or concerned about the latest research on oral health care, you might be interested in these suggestions. I do not get any financial benefit from sharing these.

Sensodyne Pronamel Mouthwash is amazing. It tastes great in my opinion, and has a great PH and protects your teeth in many ways. It is really remarkable all the things that it does. The second mouthwash I am currently using is Carifree CTx3 Mint which is delicious and protects your teeth in many ways. Both of them have fluoride and has the proper PH as well. These are both suggested by Dentists and have excellent ratings.

Carifree CTx4 Mint gel 1100 is an excellent taste and very protective. I also have one of the Carifree CTX4 Citrus gel which is delicious as well. They have a grape flavor for both toothpaste and mouthwash but I am not a fan of the taste. You might like it.

Carifree also has a gum which helps protect the oral health as well. I am not a salesman of them, but I am so pleased what I have learned about their product. I learned that PH is as important as ingredients in oral care products, and also some changes of behavior as well. Carifree has a 102 page booklet called Why me?  that talks about how people can have healthy gums and teeth and I verified the information with third party reputable sources. I wish that all the dentists that I have seen in my life would have mentioned any of the things that the book educated me about.

I also use a product called DentalCidin which is similar to Carifree toothpaste but twice as expensive. It may be worth it, but I didn’t see any difference in the month that I used my first tube. Therefore I am going to try these Carifree products and if they work then I will continue with them. Some of the Amazon reviews say that they don’t have anything to scrape from their teeth when they see the dentist for both products.

Good luck my friends.

Anger is a waste of time

Anger is a waste of time.

I am saying that because I was going to write an angry post about the poor service I received but then I decided against it. I wanted instead to focus on something else. People who only talk about themselves are the most shallow and boring people.

Earlier I had a conversation with a man who had cancer who considers himself my friend. I consider him a friend too. He also does my laundry as a paid service and own the company. I like that he feels comfortable enough to share his feelings with me and he was describing how frustrating it was to have cancer. I could only listen and offer to help him if he could think of a way.

One of the most touching things I realized in my life that I am most happy when I am helping others. One of the best compliments I ever received was from a coworker who was a black woman who said “I helped her gain her voice.” She didn’t feel she had the right or ability to speak up for herself in the workplace even though she was a critical member of the team.

Anger is a luxury that rich people have. They get angry because they can. Poor people can’t get angry at a boss who takes advantage of them. Undocumented people can’t get angry because they are afraid of being deported. Middle class can’t get angry because they have bills to pay. The only one who is free to be angry are rich people, and many rich people have gotten angry with me. Not because I deserved it, but because they could.

Life isn’t just about our own needs. It is about helping those who struggle. In the 8th habit Steven Covey said that it was our job to find our voice and to help others find theirs. I did that and I am so pleased that I have helped in the smallest ways in peoples lives.

Focus on the things you can do to help others and not on the thoughtlessness that is done to you.