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Dehumidifier really works

Growing up an a desert I never had a need to buy a dehumidifier. Even when I lived in other states I didn’t mind the humidity. I didn’t understand why people complained about it. It prevented static electricity make chapstick and lotion less important, and in general seemed a nice thing.

Then I moved to NYC and sometimes almost 100% humidity. Again I am not complaining but I noticed that when people have AC that is older, it doesn’t really remove the moisture as efficiently out of the air as newer units. So since I have 1 old AC and 1 new AC I thought it might be interesting to experiment on how much humidity contributes to a persons sense of comfort.

Now you probably realize that there is a balance between too low humidity and too high humidity that doesn’t allow you to sweat efficiently. I learned that higher than 80 degrees F we tend to sweat about 2 L per hour! Amazing isn’t it?

What this means is that if you don’t have access to AC above 80 degrees, you are really in danger of losing too much water to sweating. If you can lower the amount of humidity people feel more comfortable which is why AC units remove humidity.

I bought a small dehumidifier and it worked amazingly well. I could see the water dripping into the container below. It was in 70% humidity and when I went outside the apartment in the hall, I could feel it warmer and more humid. It was an interesting sensation. Now I am not suggesting that getting a dehumidifier is any replacement for AC. However if you have an AC unit in the wall you can’t remove, or it is several years old, it will make your space more comfortable.

Who shouldn’t get this? In a humid climate I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from a dehumidifier.

Looking for excellent cable management?

I like being organized but I am not someone who was excited about cable management. To me it seemed a silly detail that didn’t matter. However when I noticed that my cables were being damaged and dirty then I had to protect my investment. I bought this and to my surprise it was easy and worked great.

I have used other cable management before but they were awkward, ugly and uncomfortable to use. With this all I had to do is zipper it up. It was quite a pleasure. I actually enjoyed the process and that is why I am sharing this.

It is called the JOTO cable management sleeve. I bought it because of the high reviews on it. I also didn’t want to use something that I had used in the past since they never worked well for me. I like the fact that is is reusable and not like the plastic zip ties or that other junk from the past. These look like you could wash them in the washing machine when they get dirty so you could use them for a long time.

I am surprised how much nicer my computer area looks. I don’t look at the floor on purpose but it still makes is much easier to clean and the cables are better secured to my desk as well. That is an unexpected benefit. I think if you have an IT person or someone in your life who has too many electronics, this would make an excellent gift that would be appreciated.

Let’s see, what is the downside of this? I guess it is expensive for what are essentially some zippers and fabric. However the zippers seem good quality and the time it would take if you sewed it yourself and gathered the materials would probably be more unless you could get them for free. I think for the average person this is a great deal.