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Santa Claus uses solar power

I just realized that Santa Claus uses solar power. Rudolphs nose powered his journey and that was feed by plants which was created with solar power.

No one has ever seen his special toy factory but I bet it he uses solar panels to power it. Up at the North Pole it isn’t easy to get oil, gas, but he does have coal. Coal comes out of the ground so he probably has some elves working on it all year. He can’t burn the coal because that is for the girls and boys who are bad during the year. That means only solar is left.

Santa Claus also uses wind power to power his sleigh. He has special arrangement with Mother Nature to provide the wind he needs to get around. Since Mother Nature and Father Time are married, (talk about a power couple) he has an arrangement with Father Time as well. Father Time gives him all the time he needs to deliver the presents.

Don’t worry kids. Dr. Fauci has told us that he has given Santa a covid vaccine so he is safe to travel. I trust that Dr. Fauci wouldn’t lie to us. It seems that this year all the kids who have been kind and patient with get extra rewards this year.

Let’s go back to the way that Santa uses solar power. We know that he uses sun, wind I think he also uses water. As you know dams create electricity by falling water, so he probably creates electricity by running water as well. He probably uses the suns heat to melt the water and then create electricity. I bet that Santa has a special energy conservation elf that keeps everything running as well as it can. That smart elf probably thinks all the time of ways that he can make toy production more green.

Don’t worry about Santa this year. For some people, he has already delivered his gifts.