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Cast Iron cookware easier than non-stick

Most of my adult life I thought that non-stick cookware was the best kind. I used it because I didn’t like stainless or other types I had tried. I was wrong. The best kind of cookware is cast iron.

It is funny that my grandmother had a cast iron pan and preferred it. As a kid I thought that she was just sticking to the past when better non-stick things were available. I liked the smooth surface of non-stick and thought it was better partly because it was modern.

I bought this set you see to the right on Amazon for $70 (again I am not making any money) and in the past month I have not missed using my expensive non-stick dishes. The expensive dishes cost me about $500 at a major retailer. I would not have bought them if I had used these first.

Ways in which they are superior.

  1. Easier to clean. With Non-stick you would think it would clean easier but it is not true. Things stick to non-stick and the sides and bottom get burnt with gas and discolor. Cast iron doesn’t discolor. Nothing gets stuck to the sides or top. You use a little course salt and the pan is clean. I have cut down my pan cleaning time to a fraction of what is used to take on the non-stick pans.
  2. More flexible to cook with. You can’t put an entire non-stick pan into the oven, but cast iron loves to be put in the oven. I have used them in the oven frequently and didn’t need to replace an old aluminum baking pan I used to use. Aluminum is very hard to clean and doesn’t transmit the heat as well as cast iron does.
  3. The crusting and browning is fantastic. It spreads heat evenly so it looks amazing. I never had such good results with non-stick stuff.
  4. It is able to be used if you camp or prepare food on a grill or outside. You can easily take it and use it in a barbecue or regular campfire. If I had to leave my home I would take this pan and leave everything else.
  5. It is easy to take care of. Just a little bit of oil and the pan is ready to go. It is protected and easy to fix. I thought as a child that putting oil and salt on pans would be expensive, but I realize it is more expensive to buy the cleaning tools needed for non-stick pans. In addition it saves time and that is worth money as well.

I could continue talking about the advantages but the best way is to try it yourself and see what you think. I am totally convinced that cast iron is the way to go. I wish it was lighter, but considering all the advantages it is a worthwhile trade off.

I love to cook and you will have the best results with this equipment. Funny how often modern things are not the answer.


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