Bought a new WAP from Target

backup forget

I don’t trust that the Verizon person is coming today. Big companies have poor communication. I bought a new WAP from Target for $70 and if that works then I will use it. If not, then I will return it to Target later this week and try something from Best buy.

backup forget
backup forget

Now you might say to yourself, but what if they arrive and they fix it? That would be amazing. However once a company breaks your trust, you can’t rely on them anymore. I might still keep the secondary WAP because it is a cheap backup and things can fail anytime. I try to have backups for everything, and I should have had a WAP backup.

So part of the problem with no internet yesterday was my fault. If I had a backup WAP I would have just connected it and story is over. No harm done. I still would have followed up with Verizon but it wouldn’t be urgent to have them come out on a weekend to fix it. Having a backup is always critical at work, and sometimes optional at home.

Part of having a problem is feeling angry at yourself. Angry that you made a decision that didn’t work out. I had this WAP for at most 3 years. I had other WAP for many more years and they were cheaper so I didn’t expect this. However it is no excuse to not expect failure with electronics. I was lucky before, and now I will have a backup for everything. When the tech comes I will ask him if I can buy a secondary/backup router from him and if I can do that. So then if the router fails, I won’t be worried.

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Cover your bases, and always have a backup.