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Both solar generators full

For the first time both solar generators are full from solar power. I have about 600WH of solar power stored and I am so excited about it.

Little did I know 2 months ago that I would be going down this path. I thought that if I could just charge my iPhone/iPad I would be doing great. Turns out that I can charge LED lighting as well and that has been working great. My last electric bill was half what it normally was and that is because of using solar power. I know that my effort is almost nothing, but we all can do this and it is not difficult.

To me the advantage of putting out the solar panel is that I am much more aware of the weather and I have a better understanding of how weather gets reported. I also have learned that the weather report is a guide and that often the weather is sunny even when its projected to not be sunny. I have left my panels out in all kinds of weather now except rain and that will continue in Winter. I will even leave it out if it is sunny and snowing and see how that works for me. I am excited to test portable solar panels longevity in different weather conditions.

Now that I see both solar generators are full it makes me excited for the larger solar generator. Probably I will buy the expansion pack that will double the amount of storage so that I can have even more storage. Then I can go for a month without sun and still power my most necessary devices. It is really neat to be able to have these kind of storage resources.

Is there a downside to storing electricity? I can’t think of one. It is something I use every day so it will never be wasted that is for sure.

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