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Book Review: Power from the Sun by Dan Chiras 2nd edition

I really like this book. It has lots of great information. It was written in 2017 so it is slightly out of date, but still very good information. It has answered questions I didn’t realize that I had.

One of the things that I like is that it is written for solar power beginners which is me. You don’t have to understand anything to understand what is written here. He mostly writes in a smooth and focused way which is easy to read. I think I will quickly read this book and learn more than many youtube videos I have watched.

What you learn watching youtube videos is that everyone has an ax to grind. There are people who are knowledgeable, but also sales people in disguise. I don’t trust the contents of any video that says it has paid promotion. I think the incentive is too strong for people to lie and cheat.

If I find something wrong when I finish reading this book I will update this and let you know. However I read many reviews and this had the highest review and I liked how the chapters read. For the average person I think this is a great book to get started if you have any interest in solar power.

What this book isn’t for are for electricians, experts or anyone who has been in the field for any length of time. You probably already know this and more, and I can’t imagine this would interest you. It is written at a high school level, so anyone should be able to understand it.

Is there a downside? It cost $22 for a softback book because I didn’t want to read it on a screen. I think that is a fair price. I hope the author gets the largest chunk of this.

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