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Avoid new technology temptations

If you appreciate technical things, there is a strong temptation for new technology. Here is how I avoid new technology temptations.

  1. New problems. Even though technology solves some old problems it creates some new ones. There is always a tradeoff. Take for example if you have Windows 10. You are at risk of things that people who have Windows 7 computers aren’t at risk for. So the newest thing doesn’t always make your life easier.
  2. Unsupported configuration. When you have new things even if the vendor supports it, you will find almost no one else does. For example when the iPhone was new, third party keyboards had issues. The vendor supports them of course, but the problem is service. Rarely do people take the time to get vendor support. So for most people, those third-party $30 keyboards are just thrown away. A waste of time and money.
  3. Different hardware requires redoing workflow. Some people have docking stations, or have setup their work areas to be ergonomic or very specific. When this is does, cables need to be rerouted, things have to be bought or thrown out to be ergonomic. There are always associated costs with any change.
  4. Laptops require different bags. So you think, well a laptop won’t have any of these issues? Wrong. People need laptop bags if their laptop has a display size change. They need trained on the new location of the functions, and often they need their data moved because they haven’t followed best practices and save it on their computer.
  5. It is still windows. Even with a very light and beautiful looking laptop you have to use Windows. I am not a Windows fan so it doesn’t matter what the outside looks like. It isn’t enough to make me want to buy it. This is the single biggest factor I haven’t purchased a nice expensive Windows laptop. Some of them are beautiful and amazing functionality, but the cost of dealing with windows is just too high.

So I continue to use my 6 year old mac laptop and love it. It is slow? Sometimes yes. Would I prefer having a faster laptop? Of course. However Apple hasn’t shown me anything that I need. Strange how I used to buy the newest laptop whenever I could afford it, but having new things no longer seems worthwhile to me. Of course I still love technology, but sometimes upgrading comes at too high a cost.

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