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Asus Zenbook vs. 16 inch MacBook Pro

I recently got an Asus Zenbook which I really enjoy. I also recently got a Macbook Pro 16 inch. They have more in common than you think.

Of course they use different OS, but functionally they are similar. They both have great sound after you adjust the sound in Windows using AudioWizard. That is the EQ for the windows system. Watching videos on both of them is very enjoyable.

The screens are both bright although the Macbook screen is brighter. The Macbook screen is the brightest screen I have ever used, and at the top setting is too bright for me to use. The colors look rich on both of them and watching a video looks better than on the 3 year old TV I have.

The trackpad on both is fantastic. Very responsive. Many of the gestures are the same like how to click a right menu with both fingers. I like the extra second screen on the Zenbook and will find it useful when I am working on compiling information. I have not found the lcd top strip on the mac to be useful. In fact I find it slows me down when I want to do things like turn down the volume because that can change depending on the application.

Both keyboards take some getting used to. The Zenbook has a smaller shift key on the right for example, so that is part of it. However the mac it is easy to accidentally type the wrong key so that is a little frustrating as well. I have never had a problem on other keyboards, but the less mechanical they make keyboards the more you have to be sensitive to the softness of it. I will adjust, it just takes a bit if you have come from older keyboards.

I like both of them equally well. I think they both are great tools. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to work in IT and use equipment like this. It is exciting to be able to make computers do difficult things. Isn’t technology fun?

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