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Are watching old films hard to view?

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I sometimes watch Netflix at my friends house and I have repeatedly tried to watch older films. I tried to watch one today from 1940 called Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe. After five minutes I had to give up. It was just too stupid to watch.

I think that watching a movie should have a surprise in its plot. I don’t mind bad special effects, poor acting, but it absolutely has to have an interesting plot. People often complain that movies are bad, but it seems to me that movies have always been bad. No, I’m not talking about all movies, but it seems unavoidable that in entertainment at least, quality is not going to be in the majority but the minority.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that no longer will services be popular because of the number of items. The Wal-Mart approach. It will be popular because it curates things-The Apple approach. Perhaps the best thing to make customers happy is to have more intelligent recommendations, and less filler.

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