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Apples donation to help China

You might have heard that Apple is donating money to help China during this difficult time. It doesn’t strike me at all as kind.

Why? When your own self-interest is benefited from a “donation” it is more an investment isn’t it? A donation would have been to give all of their reserve to eradicate this problem worldwide. That would have been remarkable. Instead we just see another corporation doing what is in their selfish self interest.

Would I be happier if they didn’t donate any money? No of course not. I am glad that people will benefit from their help. The problem is that too often donations are a way to do virtue signaling for a company or a person, and not because they really care.

For example, Apple maintains strict supply chain control. Is this because they care about the war in the Congo and the rare minerals? I doubt it. It is more likely that they want the minerals for production. Why is human well-being less important than resources?

That is the problem with materialism isn’t it? The human side is always less important than the resource side. As a species we abuse people to get material things, and then we throw them away. It is madness isn’t it?

Why do we ruin peoples lives to throw things away? Can’t we accept that material things will never make us happy? For example, I used to think that the technology in cars was neat and it was fun to try different cars. Now after owning a few I don’t think they are so cool anymore. Sure the technology is neat, but their pollution is killing the earth so I don’t want to contribute to that.

It was hard for me to let the car go. I bought into the myth that a car means independence. Isn’t it strange that we put chains on ourselves when we are born free?

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