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Apple working on environmental issues

Apple has done many socially responsible things in its past, and continues to do so. This article discusses how Apple is partnering in China for a neutral impact on paper usage.

I have shared before studies that show when a company is run environmentally sustainable they are also more profitable as well. It is also a popular idea that the business that do well in the future will have some social impact. I love the fact that more companies are being more responsible. I think they see that in a difficult business environment that they can’t always take and externalize costs but have to invest.

Isn’t it funny that what used to be acceptable for business is no longer acceptable? It used to be that you could have secret Swiss bank accounts but that time is past. I wouldn’t say that business is becoming more ethical, but they are growing up and responding to the concerns of their customers more quickly and honestly.

Take for example the recent Kraft statement that they are taking artificial dyes out of their product. They said that it was due to customer request. Isn’t it interesting that in the face of declining sales, they are willing to do this? Intuitively you would think that companies would want to keep their customers healthy, but that is clearly not the case. Is it possible that artificial dyes are not harmful? Yes anything is possible, but what is more likely? That a company will do things as cheaply as possible, or for the best interest of its customers?

I support companies that seem to care about the well-being of their customers. Apple seems to care, along with a few other companies like Whole Foods that donates time/money to charitable causes. Tesla seems to care since they are so concerned about safety. When a company goes above and beyond what is expected of them, you have to get the message that they are serious about their values and what they say.  The bottom line for me in anything is what actions people do in life. I love the fact that things are getting better, even if it is taking business a long time to recognize the role that they play.

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