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Apple pricing out of reasonableness

I have spent time in the past arguing that Apple pricing is reasonable, but for the last few years it is has not been reasonable. Here is why I believe this.

  1. Apples only 15 inch laptop right now is the MacBook Pro. The general public of the United States is aging and a 11/12/13 inch screen does not cut it for most people. So if you want a mac 15 inch screen prepare to pay $2000. Now you can get any number of faster, cheaper Windows laptops with a 15 inch screen at half the price. That makes it an easy decision for people with vision issues.
  2. Apple continues to be stingy with resources like CPU, video ram, and hard drive space. Equivalent PC laptops are cheaper and have great design. Now only the OS is the determining factor, and that is not enough for most people who have never used a Mac before. For those who have, they prefer a mac, but difficult economic times force difficult choices.
  3. When you have used a MacBook Air like me for years, you find it difficult to justify buying anything more expensive. Certainly the MacBook and Pro look impressive, but being able to afford it is the first step. With the middle class shrinking in the purchasing ability, it makes it harder to justify a mac computer.
  4. The lack of popularity of the Apple Watch is a sign of apples pricing being out of step with what the general public wants to pay. Windows 10 makes great strikes in making things easier for the average person, and it is usable for a novice for the most part. This was not true of Windows 8/7. Those still required some adjustment and skill to use. The iPad is waning too. So this sets the precedent that the perception of Apple prices are too high is even stronger.
  5. There was a study that said that 47% of US consumers would have a hard time coming up with $400 in an emergency. A computer is not an emergency. However if a computer breaks, there is no reasonable way for the average mac purchaser to fix it. Unless they buy Apple care, they won’t have the money¬† and will be forced to buy a PC. So they will be forced to use a PC, and have a bad taste in their mouth from their broken Mac computer. In comparison there are plenty of sub $400 Windows 10 laptops. So it is understandable why people buy cheap laptops.

My MacBook Pro I bought for $1300 in 2012 and I believe it was on discount at Best Buy. It is a 13 inch computer and I don’t want a smaller screen. So as cool as the MacBooks are, they wouldn’t work for me. I like the 13 inch MacBook air and gave a friend my old one, and could live with going back to one. I work in IT and I can’t afford a $2000 laptop, so I doubt the average person could afford one either. The 15 inch Mac should be no more than $1500 and if that means less metal or less art and more substance, I’d be ok with that too.

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