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Apple overplayed its hand

Apple overplayed its hand and it cost the company in a big way.

If you have been following the news you learned that Apple stock took a hit when they said that demand would be lower. It is lower because few people have $1000 to spend on a phone, or feel the need to buy a new phone when the newest features are not must haves.

Apple has always pushed the boundaries of what people will pay for its product. I can understand why people wouldn’t buy Apple products. It is elitist and it does require deep pockets. Something that many citizens don’t have these days.

I shared before that I am using a mac laptop that is 7 years old. Do I feel the need to buy a new laptop? No. My iPhone 6S is doing fine as well. Is there something that I feel I am missing from my life not having the newest? Not in the slightest.

Apple and many companies have forgotten that it is revolutionary features that get customers. All this time they have been sitting on options to make their products compete with the hardware of windows laptops. For example, every mac should have a touch screen. Every iPad should be able to run the regular mac os.

Apple likes to think they know better than their customers. They arrogantly and arbitrarily decide for example that the lighting port is gone. Just like many other ports in the pasts. I don’t think it is a good idea to take away ports from professionals. Now using a mac means using adapters for many people, and that is not necessary if design wasn’t so arrogant.

I don’t get it. Apple sees what works for its customers. They have customers coming in every day telling them how they want to use their product. Why do they think they know better than their customers? Almost no person who uses apple products wanted the audio port to disappear. Now this issue might be the reason I won’t buy another iPhone. It is a hostile move to take away features from your customers.

Of course Apple has made stupid decisions before. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

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