Apologizing when you are a jerk

Apologizing when you are a jerk

Even nice people can be jerks sometimes. You have to apologize when this happens to you.

Remember my story earlier about the insurance company causing the pharmacist problems trying to fill my prescription? Well that day I was in a great deal of pain and so I wasn’t my usual charming self. When I went back to that pharmacy I was in less pain today so I apologized to the person who helped me. They could see I was in pain and my prescription was for pain, so it was clear I wasn’t just trying to make an excuse.

Even when you have a reasonable reason to feel a certain way, it doesn’t mean you can treat people with disrespect. I felt that I was as respectful as I could be with them with the level of pain I had. To be clear, didn’t yell, I just let them know that the situation was not reasonable and that I would address it with the company that caused the problem.

This behavior of sometimes having to be demanding is unfortunately part of getting acceptable customer service. It is unfortunate but many companies don’t know how to treat their customers. I think people forget what it is like being in their customers shoes. They don’t show empathy or understanding, and instead it feels like they create artificial roadblocks for no reason.

Lets go back to this example of the pharmacy. The first time I was there they wanted more personal information from me. They already knew my private confidential medical information from the doctor. My information contained my insurance card, yet they asked for it again. When I offered to show ID, they declined. Interesting because other pharmacies like CVS always ask for photo ID when you are prescribed controlled substances.

Why isn’t it enough that a pharmacy has all the information they need with what your doctor gives it? Does every pharmacy need my email address when I don’t care to be communicated though email with medical information? Companies that ask for email for medical information are irresponsible. You can’t secure an email message unless it is encrypted or they sign up for an account/password. Why make your customers life harder? Isn’t a secure website where a customer can log into and then view everything with plaintext easier for everyone?

The goal of IT is to make life easier for the masses of people who don’t know how to protect their private information. Why do you have to demand security from companies who should know better? When you work in IT you only see the lack of skill of companies in dealing with their information?

Why do we have to set boundaries with companies because they are too lazy to set appropriate boundaries for themselves? Is customer service always an afterthought?

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