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Anyone watching Star Trek over?

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

I have found myself watching Star Trek over since the last series was taken off. I never really liked the prequel. The plot and development of the characters went at a glacial pace. Right now I am watching TNG. It is fun to see the special effects at the time.

I find myself watching shows that are hopeful when times seem confusing. There is so much change in the world, opportunities and directions one can go. I am humbled when I have had so many great opportunities in my life. Do we ever really deserve the things that happen to us?

Yes, hard work and preparation help us greatly. However so much of our live is also determined by where we live, who we know, and the mood of our network of people. I have had the opportunity to live in various places in the US and I find that everywhere people are basically the same.

So why do I watch Star Trek? It is a nice reminder of a possible future that seems so far away now. I wonder if everyone who had their needs met would care if it was socialism or paternalism that does it. To me, living in that kind of world would be amazing. Not to worry about the basics, but being able to develop yourself and to help others. What an altruistic and good feeling that must be! Research has shown that we are happier when we give, not in what we buy.

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