Maybe it is just me but is anyone else increasing their healthy behaviors?

Today for example I realized I took two vitamins. I had never read the instructions but it says to take two vitamins twice a day. I had only taken 1 vitamin 1 per day. So I thought why not?

Then I realized that for the last few weeks I have been eating more vegetables and less meat. The older I get the less meat makes me feel good. Strange since I was raised on meat and potatoes, but things change in life don’t they?

I realized that I may be preparing for the virus without making a conscious decision. Does that sound silly? I mean we all try to be as healthy as possible and I bet that lately people are being extra healthy. Have you done extra things to be healthy that normally you might not?

This is not to brag about me but rather to give an example of how we behave without always realizing the reason why. I think that many times we act in fear and we don’t realize it.

What is the balance? I don’t want to live in fear but I don’t want to be unrealistic either. I tend to be well aware of my risk but yet its hard for me to find a balance at times. I probably didn’t need to eat all the vegetables I have but I find myself drawn to them anyway. Do you think sometimes our bodies may make us crave things we need?

If this current trend keeps up I might even have to exercise! I like doing yoga. I find that relaxing. It feels good to be flexible and I enjoy moving and being able to hold positions. I must admit that when I did yoga regularly I was tougher and had greater energy. Am I missing exercising? What is happening to me?

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Maybe feeling good makes you want to continue to feel good?