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Andrew Norelli is very funny

Andrew Norelli is very funny. I listened to Andrew Norelli’s new album Bones yesterday and it was very funny. It is available on Tidal and other streaming services. What I liked is that he talked about technology and had interesting and insightful things to say.

Why am I sharing this? Clean creative humor is rare. This guy manages to do both. Some of the ideas I have thought about myself, but he puts his own spin on them. From how he talks you get the idea that he is a pretty relaxed guy in life. You can easily identify with his issues.

I liked also that he was in a Tidal comedy playlist and it was the funniest thing there. One of the best things of streaming music sites is their ability to recommend. I have found hundreds of new artists and music by using streaming. In fact, almost all of my playlist now is music I have found in the last few years. I certainly enjoy music from the past, but I find that after a certain number of listens I am bored with it. Of course those songs are creative and fun, but they are also tied to a time and place. Isn’t it amazing how music can bring you back in time and you remember things that you thought you forgot?

So one of the things in my life is to enjoy and live in the present. Mentally, we are taken back to the past and worried about the future by almost everything. What I have learned is that I enjoy life most when I can just be here, and enjoy what is in front of me. One of the ways that I do that, is to seek new experiences. I wonder how much people enjoy their life when they repeat experiences they have already had. To me, making things fresh and new is part of the fun of living.

I like comedy not only because it makes me feel good, but because it is often intellectually honest and states things as they are. You are always given food for thought with thoughtful comedians and I am going to consider the beliefs that he pointed out in his material. I like that comedians are often like therapists, best friends and a dog rolled up into one. They might tell you your problem, but in a friendly way, not threatening to you but still useful information. I think comedians deserve more credit and success for helping culture grow. Certainty comedians like Richard Pryor and other classics, caused discussions and change and that is always helpful for society. In his small way, Andrew is making society better as well.

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