I tried to pay Amazon yesterday, but they didn’t want to take my money.

Why? It all started earlier this week. I thought packages were stolen since I never received them, so I asked Amazon to resend them. They did, and then my neighbors told me that they had held them for a week for me. So I called Amazon and said that my neighbors gave me my packages and I needed to pay for them. They said that I didn’t need to pay them. I tried arguing with them, but they considered it a gift.

Now I know that Amazon is a terrible company how it treats its people, and many would say that Amazon has stolen money from me based on their profit margin. However another persons actions do not determine my actions. Why am I sharing this? To point out that people sometimes get benefits that they don’t deserve.

I realize that this strategy by Amazon to not accept payments in these circumstances was probably done after they analyzed the costs associated with it. This is a business decision and I can respect that. So why would I share this? Often when you point out to a company that their policies are unfair to them, they don’t seem to care.

Many times I have pointed out to a business that they undercharged me after finding out later, or gave me some kind of benefit I wasn’t entitled to. In every instance that I can remember they thanked me and said it is a gift. I think the business model of giving gifts when they aren’t earned is nice, but ultimately a failure of policy and process.

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In the cases above with Amazon were my neighbors took my packages and didn’t tell me for awhile, they could have an option where you can pay and it is all redirected to charity. That way people feel they are being honest. Or when stores give more than they should, they could also direct someone to donate what they received to a worthy cause. It is greed to keep something you didn’t earn, and I am surprised how no one seems to care about this at any level.

This is not to brag about my honesty, although some might see it as that way. I believe in fairness, and it doesn’t matter who you are dealing with.