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Always learning is fun

It is fun to always learn. You start to realize how things can be made easier for others.

For example I have been learning at Microsoft Learn. They have some nice tutorials on IT topics. If you work in IT you might want to create an account and look at these topics:

There are many more but this is just what I have reviewed in the past 2 days. I tried to take a MS certification exam at home yesterday but MS had a technical problem and I couldn’t. So I figured I might take some other exams and study other things while I wait.

One of the things that I like about the Microsoft learning is that they allow you to use Azure to test and configure things. I created a website on Azure and it was so easy. Unfortunately the speed is terrible, and I read that others had the same problem as well. I might move my site to Azure but I want to focus on getting more certifications first.

Certifications are fun to get and they show people that you actually know something. If you can do it is another matter of course. I worked with many people in my career who had the knowledge but not the desire to actually do the work. It always confused me. Why bother getting the knowledge if you don’t plan to use it?

Why do you care about Azure? I think it is a better option than AWS. Since most companies have Microsoft software already it makes the transition easier for them. It is all about the cost, reliability and ease of use for the client isn’t it?

Plus I like the fact that Microsoft seems to be working harder to push out new features than AWS. I like that they are making things easier for people. I wish that Apple had real cloud support and an Azure of its own. What a missed opportunity they had. iCloud is a joke in comparison.

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